Jock Jamz – Demo Volume One


Jock Jamz
Demo Volume One

We recently covered an excellent Utah hardcore band called Youth Choir who some of their members, not content with being preoccupied with one band, are also part of another hardcore band, entitled Jock Jamz. Based on the artwork and some of the song titles, this demo is conceptually based on their home state’s basketball team, the Jazz, and indeed basketball in general. It does start with the familiar strains of ‘Rock and Roll’ (‘Part X’ in this case), the realm of the Glitter band and their disgraced former singer. Though they give it a typically hardcore boost that would fire up any crew, eventually subsiding to the irresistible ‘Full Court Press’, a tribute to the Jazz’s finest partnership (‘Stockton to Malone’), a hardcore cover of ‘Everybody Dance Now’ and the bold beatdown ‘Not on My Team’. Two projects both laden with humour and irrepressible spirit, these might the guys that finally make UTHC representable as New York, Los Angeles or anywhere else for that matter. Get on this right now.

Peter Clegg

Download ‘Demo Volume One‘ here (free download)
Stream it below:



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