Koresh – Chump


Chump EP
Witch Hunter/Withered Hand

One look at the artwork for London sludgecore crew Koresh’s new EP ‘Chump’ can instantly hook a person. It’s bright pink and its got unicorns on it! But this is no ‘My Little Pony’. Koresh can easily be placed under the mantle of sludge if you want to label them, but there’s more than a whiff of punk edge about them as they make one incredible racket here. ‘Chump’ is seven tracks of largely fast paced action – not one song passes the two minute mark, and save for one or two dirges here and there, its largely resurrecting the ghosts of Iron Monkey, Mistress, Raging Speedhorn to name but a few noisy so and so’s of years gone by. Beginning with the excellent ‘Straight Edge Till Midnight’, replete with groovy celebratory jango halfway through, and finishing up on the brilliant, almost catchy ‘You Can Call Me Gaahl’. This is proof that not all things connected with sludge have to be mired in misery – Koresh are having a whale of time drunkenly staggering their way through speedy songs and ‘Chump’ is clearly champ at clocking a quick glass over the proverbial head when required.

Peter Clegg

Pre-order ‘Chumphere or here: (both come with immediate download link)
Stream it below:



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