‘Kin Hell Fest 2013 – The Review!

Its been weeks in the making, but its finally here. From Friday 26th to Sunday 28th April, a venue called the Templeworks in Leeds was shaken to its core numerous times by some of the very best UK underground hardcore and metal had to offer. We were there for just about all of it (sorry Envoys, Man Must Die) and now we can finally bring it to you.

It seems a bit disjointed, given we have photos for Friday and Sunday but not for Saturday. Anyone willing to help with photos, please get in touch with us – though its not massively important. It was a very DIY job anyway. We may furnish this review with videos and maybe more photos too where applicable. But right now, get ready to relive an immense weekend.

So here it is, at last: ‘Kin Hell Fest 2013 – The Review!

Friday 26th April


From the off the tone for the weekend was one for a flagrant disregard for punctuality. Maybe it was the size of the task at hand, but from the off Friday’s action was 25-30 minutes behind before Rectal Implosion got going. Thankfully the wait is worth it, with the drummer/vocalist of the duo giving some pretty good brutal metal face impressions as he shells out his vocals and delicious beats, the guitarist riffing and weedling away in front of him. ‘This next song is called Mosh In Hell, which most of you won’t have heard as its from our demo CD, which not many people have!‘ Perhaps true, but even with limited output to date, Rectal Implosion’s material shows a lot of substance.


It’s not hard to spot Mancunian black metallers Acolyte‘s influences, with more than a shade of the progressive nature of Enslaved, Deathspell Omega about them. But it would be churlish to rank them solely on this, and despite some tuning issues in the first song, the band crank out a set worthy of everyone’s attention with the singer revelling in the attention of the front few rows. With new album ‘Alta’ about to drop, this was a good time to drop in with a good performance and Acolyte look to be more than capable of joining the booming UK black metal elite.


I’d been looking forward to Magpyes a lot, and by and large there was good to be found from their set. However there was that sense that it was all a blur, whether that was just down to their short song nature or the PA system. A slight detraction, but they get the first truly decent moshpit of the weekend, and it would be unfair to suggest they didn’t elicit a response, because they certainly did that, and then some.


The weekend’s only pagan metal band Ravenage were up next, and they don’t hold back in the costume stakes, a must if you’re truly to be believed in at this sort of thing. The Hull sextet do not disappoint, reducing the most hardened metaller into pure dancing joy, managing to lead a by now slightly inebriated crowd into a cry of ‘More Beer!‘ during the song of the same name. A grand sight to see a band able to hold a crowd like that in a place like this.


Kastrated‘s set seemed awfully short, but the Burnley crew seem to have a good faithful watching them and they truly bring the slam element to KHF with a blistering display of sledgehammer riffs, turns of pace, and cheeky macabre Northern humour.


Its easy to see why Winterfylleth have risen to the cream of the British black metal crop, and their set is beholden with quality throughout. The hour is getting late at this point, but their performance is gratefully received by the masses, with plenty to savour from works recent and old.


What Lawnmower Deth are to thrash, Gore surely are to goregrind. Infamous over the years for lobbing fish into the audience, they’re on the comeback trail and their unhinged humour seems perfectly intact, turning the moshpit into a cheesy 80’s dancefloor and even getting their new guitarist to hand out Christmas cake to the crowd between songs. Yes it’s completely silly and off the wall but you’d have to be really hardnosed to not see the funny side of songs like ‘Smashed to Pieces By Falling Faeces’, ‘Be My Speedbump’, and even their very own ‘National Anthem of Goruguay’. It’s good to see them back, serving up a platter of punk and thrash grooves amidst the splatter of subject matter. (PC)

Predictably my task of staying relatively copus mentus, in the event of the much harder working half of We Must Obey having to leave before the end, has gone less smoothly than I might have hoped. Insane a tonal scales flit sporadically around slamming groove occasionally fooling me into trying to nod my head to beat; “fuck you!”, Diascorium reply, “you have no comprehension of what’s coming next you inebriated, simple minded twerp”. So I go back to sweating and watching wide eyed. I’ts a head fuck; a moment of brilliant bright catchy melody, and I think it’s possible we’ve gone through the insanity and out the other side; the guitar and cab head’s blink robotically threatening to fry your brain like two Daleks, then a twisted bass line emerges and something that sounds like jazz on bad acid comes to fruitation. “This one’s about if you don’t sleep you die”, says the frontman and I think I they have managed to capture what that must be like. Diascorium is not strictly about your indulgence as a listener, but more that your being taken for a ride. It’s like an exploration of what’s possible within a song, subjecting the crowd to schizophrenic extremities and lulling you into a false sense of security with some awesome catchy grooves. There’s a good amount of friendly banter and mic passing between the band and the crowd, occasionally someone flies past the front odd postured and tangled in their own limbs with a giddy look. Diascorium make the most of their last gig ever and close with a slam that starts with ludicrous widdly widdles and is slowed down over and over again into a lumbering beast, finished, then re-started to the inevitable shouts of “slower”. A very entertaining end to great day, despite occasionally feeling as though tailored to bring on a nasty psychotic episode. (MC)

Peter Clegg/Michael Collins

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