Merciless Precision – Demo 2013


Merciless Precision
Demo 2013

Merciless Precision are a grind/crust band coming out of Bristol and the southwest of England and their new demo might well be one of the best shorter releases I’ve heard this year. They’ve already built up a dedicated following have toured like hell for the last three years, getting themselves around Europe and escaping from the cavern of US customs & immigration. But if you haven’t heard their name before now – as I personally hadn’t – then now’s a good time to get started. I love that this band has the speed and ferocity of a grind band but without reducing their vocals to a shriek or a growl – that’s not something I hate about grind – in fact, I love everything it brings –but at least Merciless Precision sounds slightly legible without sounding soft, reducing speed or sacrificing that truly unhinged effect. Yeah this is short and sweet, but I’m looking forward to see the finished fruits of this labour before they get the party back on the road. An excellent demo that riffs hard and leaves banality trailing by the kerbside, its teeth brutally smashed into the floor.

Peter Clegg

Download ‘Demo 2013’ here (free download)
Stream it below:

Official site


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