Youth Choir – Demo 2013


Youth Choir
Demo 2013

Youth Choir are a hardcore band coming out of Salt Lake City, Utah, who have recently released their first nine-track demo to the world. They say they write songs about the things they don’t dig: bumper stickers, ‘St. Anger’, and the whole planet. Songs titles alone would suggest they’re not lying, and as you can tell from the artwork, there’s a touch of humour about this band but don’t let this fool you – this band still riff as hard as any hardcore band and have plenty of the gang mentality to make them interesting. Their singer barks in a Lou Koller-esque way, which is no bad thing, and gives it his all through songs like ‘Sneaux Breaux’, ‘Don’t Look Back in Stanger’ and the booming closer ‘ERF SUX’. The flirtations with powerviolence make for some exciting moments, and plus points go to the band for a humorous, if slightly meaningless, Vanilla Ice news skit early doors. Utah might not yet be a hotbed of hardcore, but Youth Choir might just be one of my favourite new hardcore bands just cos they’re having such a good time doing it. Go slam now.

Peter Clegg

Download ‘Demo 2013’ here (free download)
Stream it below:



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