‘Kin Hell Fest 2013 Preview – Friday


We proudly previewed the inaugural ‘Kin Hell Fest without even being asked to when it took place in November 2011, and now we’re doing it again, with an even bigger job to do this time. Last time, we split our preview into three parts, featuring four or five bands from across the day. With the festival now extended to three days and featuring twenty-one more bands than last time, our preview is now bursting at the seems with extreme goodness!

Friday’s doors will open at 6:00pm (18:00, 24-hour fans) and will not close til 2:00am the following morning! So here we go, without further ado, we profile the bands set to rock The Templeworks on the opening evening, complete with scheduled stage times too:

Rectal Implosion – 18:40-19:05


Two local Leonians form the chaotic two-man grind attack that is Rectal Implosion. While not having any recorded material to date, they regularly blitz the local scene with a dizzying technical assault that will no doubt light the torchpaper for the weekend. Make sure you get out of work on time and avoid the rush hour traffic if you’re keen on catching these!


Acolyte – 19:20-19:45


A cracking up and coming black metal band from Manchester, taking their cues from the progressive greats of Scandinavian metal, including Enslaved, Immortal and Opeth. Recently signed with Mordgrimm Records and will be releasing their debut album ‘Alta’ on Tuesday 7th May.


Magpyes – 20:00-20:25


Leeds black/grind crew that are popular in these parts and are never short on harrowing delivery every single time. Relative stalwarts of the UK underground, they’ve got a slew of releases to their name including a prominent spot on the ‘Split Roast’ compilation with other KHF acts Diascorium and Cancerous Womb among others, and their damaging onslaught is not one to be missed.


Ravenage – 20:40-21:10


With strength in numbers – seven of them, to be precise – this Hull tribe are set to bring the folk/pagan metal element with a vengeance to ‘Kin Hell Fest. You’d be a sad sap if you were the only one in the audience with a bottle of grog in your hand as they play through songs such as ‘More Beer!’ Life ain’t so serious, and if you’re after something different from the usual live-audio violence, Ravenage will bring the swords, the fire, and the glory to Leeds!


Kastrated – 21:25-21:55


These morbid Burnley lads are back with new material in the works and come to Leeds to bring their slamming death metal back to shake The Templeworks to its foundations into the wee early hours. Expect crude humour and plenty of slam opportunities!


Winterfylleth – 22:15-23:00


Undoubtedly one of the biggest draws of the festival, Winterfylleth are not to be missed by anyone’s standards. Without question the premier band in UK black metal circles at the moment, their last album ‘The Threnody of Triumph’ being a hugely critical triumph straddling atop many metal fans best of lists in 2012, and having performed at 2012 fests including Bloodstock, Wacken Open Air, and the French Hellfest, its indeed a massive honour for them to headline KHF and is all set to be one of the weekend’s highlights.

Official site


Gore – 23:20-23:50



Bradford based goregrind group who come with good reasons to lock up your fish tanks, secure your ponds, hailing they and their followers to be ‘Goruguayans’, and have been pumping out all kinds of silly grind sewage for years – since 2001 to be precise – and its going to be quite something to have Gore appearing at ‘Kin Hell Fest. Underrated legends of the scene, come and get your scuzz on!



Diascorium – 00:05-00:35


Organiser Paul Priest and his fellow local lads follow on from the headliners in what will be their final show, parting ways due to constraints making band life impossible to enforce – nevertheless, they promise to dizzy heads one more time with their hugely technical black/death/grind/jazz/whatever metal blitz. Out with a bang, lads!


We will return tomorrow with the second part of our huge preview, and oh yes, it will be huge!

Peter Clegg


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