Asomvel added to ‘Kin Hell Fest + your band could play!


‘Kin Hell Fest unveiled its latest line-up poster over the weekend, excellently designed by Steve Myles of the recently departed Khuda. It heralded the announcement on Sunday that local cult hard rock legends Asomvel have been added to the line-up for ‘Kin Hell Fest 2013! They will be performing on the Saturday evening and will be sure to get heads banging and fists in the air. It’s not all about extremity here as you can see, and you Motörhead, Stuns Squadron, Tank et al fans are going to be in for a treat!

However, the line-up for the festival was further altered after Belgian grind crew A Den of Robbers pulled out. There’s still one spot left for the festival and your band can be a part of it. Just check out the image below, all you people in bands, cos here’s your chance to be part of the extreme festival of the year! Please note however, that now you only have until the end of Tuesday 9th April to apply, and demand is high. Good luck!


Please continue to check the official site and the Facebook page for more information on the festival. Tickets still available!

Peter Clegg


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