New Alaska – Finer Lines of Tomorrow


New Alaska
Finer Lines of Tomorrow

Though I’m a man of many tastes, it takes a band like New Alaska to bring me back into touch with a particular style of music when I’ve gone so long as to potentially lose touch with it. Punk has become so divergent that so many bands of late have really sought to reclaim the tag. New Alaska aren’t punk per sé, but there’s a natural ethos that flows through ‘Finer Lines of Tomorrow‘ like any band from its golden era, thanks to its much more intelligent approach.

Comprising of ex-members of History of the Hawk and Even Atlas among others, this record gets straight into its stride with the punchy ‘Prom Shoes’, a reference to World War II and the promenade by the Danube in Budapest, where Jews were shot and fell into the river, leaving their shoes behind. The impressive ‘Distance is Futile’ follows up next, lifting from the film ‘Capricorn One‘ with some fine old school punk riffing and a couple of choice soundbites that might set you off into a bit of a skank or slam dance in one of these guys pits if you’re not careful. The remaining tracks are ported renditions of their ‘Live Demo‘ tracks, all with that little extra attitude and dynamic – ‘Black Bones’ in particular is an excellent groover.

No song makes it past the three-minute barrier but each is thankfully long enough to be able to breathe and doesn’t sacrifice quality song-writing for aggression or rage, mixing between pounding punk/hardcore sections with more slightly catchy, melodic parts along the way. I’m certainly looking forward to hearing more from this band in future, and it’d be well worth your time to send a quid or two these guys way.

Peter Clegg

Buy/download ‘Finer Lines of Tomorrow‘ here (name-your-price)
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