Civil Protection – The Lines are Drawn EP


Civil Protection
The Lines are Drawn EP

Primarily based in West Yorkshire, but with their roster spread across the United Kingdom, Civil Protection proclaim a wide range of influences that form the basis for their debut EP ‘The Lines are Drawn’, and on that count they don’t undersell themselves. Beginning with ‘Anticitizen’, a slightly straight up groove-rock stomper, the band spread their wings far more broadly during the remainder of this release, laying on heavy electronic and post-rock influence.

Civil Protection are certainly aiming for a big stage – this is a big sound after all; the title track really feels to be calling out to the horizon with a less percussive drive and a more expansive ambience, as vocalist/programmer Adam Fielding shows off his impressive vocal talents. The percussion is certainly minimalist to an extent, with only the occasional drive to push the song onwards like a ship carefully navigating an ocean storm. The closing ‘A Quiet Night’ offers more of the same, although with more backbeat, pushing the emotional, atmospheric band to the front again.

Though I wasn’t initially taken with the release, it is certainly a bit of a grower, and fans of Tool, Nine Inch Nails, Mogwai, etc. will all find something to like about this, and the band certainly are capable of being able to make a step up to the bigger stage with future releases on this evidence, with plenty of room for their sound to develop even further. This is available as a free download if you wish, but for the sum of £1 you can have an additional bonus track, an acoustic version of ‘A Quiet Night’.

Peter Clegg

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