Iron Reagan – Worse Than Dead


Iron Reagan
Worse Than Dead
Magic Bullet/A389 Recordings

The first thing to anyone new to Iron Reagan will notice is that, in comparison to the beer chugging, beer hat wearing, slam dancing party machine that is Municipal Waste, or the reefer-soaked worship of bassist Phil ‘Land Phil’ Hall’s death-metal project Cannabis Corpse, is just how refreshing passed off they sound here. You could throw the argument that ‘The Fatal Feast’ was perhaps the sound of a band beginning to lose its charm however hard they tried, and maybe its this what Foresta, Hall and indeed the ‘Waste in general needed.

After a couple of listens though, ‘Worse Than Dead’ is more than just a Municipal Waste/ex-Darkest Hour side-project. This is genuinely angry crossover that supercedes into its own identity, furiously thrashing away over nineteen tracks that make you want to throw down that beer and just get straight in the pit, no nonsense, and just rage. At just a shade under 25 minutes, this is a thoroughly enjoyable experience that evokes the spirit of older Municipal Waste and crossover legends like DRI and Cryptic Slaughter, keeping it refreshingly modern and relevant to the ills of today’s society.

Peter Clegg

Buy ‘Worse Than Dead’ here (MP3 – if anyone knows of a UK/European distributor please let us know)
Stream it below:



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