Visions: Cleavers – I Can’t Wait Around For You

I love this new video by Elgin rockers Cleavers. It’s brilliant. Their vocalist, corpsed up like a young King Diamond, heads off into the woods screaming the lyrics to Cleavers’ new single ‘I Can’t Wait Around For You’, whilst walking his dog and japing around the woods, in homage to/taking the mick out of (delete as applicable) the numerous black metal musicians who’ve jumped around in the flora and fauna, seriously or otherwise. Trust me, this is among the best three minutes forty seconds you will find anywhere right now. Not just because its a top video, but its a cracking song to boot. It seems to be trending a little too, quickly surpassing 4,000 views in just a few days, although how much of this is down to people believing this is actually black metal remains to be seen.

This song is taken from the double-A side 7” ‘I Can’t Wait Around For You/Give Up’, to be released April 20 th via Da Da Tunes. It’ll be available for pre-order soon but for now you can head directly to here and stream the song too to your heart’s content, as well as checking out this prolific up-and-coming band’s discography so far via the label’s Bandcamp page.

Peter Clegg


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