Skinfather – Succession/Possession


Life and Death

Featuring members of Pomona sluggers Xibalba, its no surprise that Skinfather play thumping hardcore/death metal (not ‘deathcore’), that truly doesn’t do halves on beefy, groovy, pummelling riffs and beats – and not a snip of horsemeat to be found! A topical cliché perhaps, but one that does this release perfectly justice and which should do a few circle pits justice in future too. ‘Succession/Possession’ is described as an EP, though more like a single with two original songs and a cover of Unleashed’s ‘Execute Them All’, a burgeoning cult favourite of metal bands everywhere at last. The delivery is not at all unlike Entombed, though less in the d-beat way that numerous Southern Lord bands have proliferated over the last few years, but in a much more old school death metal way. If you can get hold of this EP I’d highly recommend it – it’s not original but if you want a good clobbering around the ears you could do a lot worse.

Peter Clegg

Buy/download ‘Succession/Possession’ here
Stream it below:

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