Hot Graves – Fashion Victim EP


Hot Graves
Fashion Victim EP
Bigger Boat

Gainesville, Florida’s Hot Graves have been pedalling their caustic blackened d-beat/deaththrash for a few years now, but this is the first time I’ve gotten around to listening to them, and more fool me for not paying attention sooner. Expecting them to provide more of the blackened deaththrash they’ve been making their name for instead comes forth a caustic blackened punk rock attack, a seemingly spontaneous change of tack derived one recording session following intense efforts to ‘best themselves’. For ‘Fashion Victim‘, their latest release, is fantastically full of attitude with those DIY values and something a little markedly different from what they’ve done before and yet still stands apart from the crowd. Four tracks of sonically hot bombs drop in quick succession here, all recorded live with a delivery as scorching as their Bandcamp page colour scheme. They don’t waste time getting into the thick of ‘Fuck Ü/Ü Suck’, with a fist pumping ‘Oi oi oi!‘ thrown in for good measure, and each successive song scores highly on rabid vocals, crusty three/four chord punk riffs, high tempo rhythm and sneering attitude. The rebuffed cover of Bad Religion’s ‘Yesterday’ is a nice touch as well, with Hot Graves’ sound giving it a distinct darkened feel to the LA punk legends classic melodic punk. This is up as a name-your-price download, leaving you no excuse to check out and maybe even give a little to get down with this necessary evil.

Peter Clegg

Buy/download ‘Fashion Victim‘ EP here (download) or here (7″ and download)
Stream it below:




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