Vit – The Dry Season EP


The Dry Season
Handshake Inc.

Ohio’s Vit have stewed on ‘The Dry Season’ for a little while – the demos for this record were originally put out in December 2011, but only now has Vit decided to make it a full release after signing with Handshake Inc. And on the evidence of this record, they don’t seem exactly sure what they want to be – hyperblasting, or hyperslow? But that’s not a detrimental thing in this case, as they showcase all their abilities supremely. The first couple of tracks straddle the blackened doom line and ‘Sixteen Bodies’ is pure doom at its heaviest and most crushing. Every stomp of this nine-minute plus beast is thunderous and evokes Morbid Angel and Grief at their slowest. It’s a slight culture shock with the relatively melodic title-track rearing up after that onslaught, though it still sits comfortably within slow parameters.

Its ‘The Dry Season’s closing pair that really turn things on its head, going from one tempo extreme to another as it morphs into a more primal black metal beast during its third track, ‘A Hymn of Benediction’, which thrashes away with a nod to the genre’s Norwegian heritage, before the violins start up, courtesy of Johan Becker (from Chicago black metallers Austaras). He fiddles away while the tempo of the hymn itself refuses to relent, getting faster and faster until it reaches a crashing finale. Its quite appropriate after that storm that ‘… and the Rain That Soon Followed’ should come to wash over precedings. Vit’s labelmate A. Lundr, aka Panopticon, he of 2012’s wonderful ‘Kentucky’, brings forth his multi-faceted talents, armed with a resonator guitar and a banjo, with another delightful nod to the classic sound of the American marshes and swamps, as rain does indeed fall over the track. Vit are a band of many faces, all of which have great treasures to show for it.

Peter Clegg

Buy ‘The Dry Season’ here (name-your-price)
Stream it below:


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