Black Veins – The Cycle Will Cease to End


Black Veins
The Cycle Will Cease to End

Black Veins emerged from the catacombs of the UK underground last year with a frankly brilliant five-track EP entitled ‘…And Hell Followed’, evoking the classic styles of Converge, Napalm Death and the like with a blistering twelve-minute barrage. They have returned again with a new six-track called ‘The Cycle Will Cease to End’, which marks the progress the band have made over the last year. The band still come out of the traps flying when necessary, but when they hit the brakes they plough into some fantastic sludgy territory – such as on ‘Stone Sun’ –and their will to evolve (if only slightly) is evident on the combined ‘The Cruel Mind of Man/Through the Depths of Reality’, the former building up with trepidation, before the band leap back into one final assault on the eardrums after the switchover.

This won’t be the only action from Black Veins this year, as they have a forthcoming split with Narratives, also through Speedowax Records, coming out later in the year, in a Europe-only release. And I expect they’ll continue a fine pedigree too – sure, Birmingham didn’t invent grind like it did metal – but like metal, it produced its defining act. Black Veins are following a well worn path, but ultimately on the right road of pain and doom.

Peter Clegg

Buy/download ‘The Cycle Will Cease to End’ here (name-your-price)
Stream it below:

Official site

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