Seagraves – Weight of the World EP


Weight of the World EP
Witch Hunter

Leeds has no shortage of heavy hardcore bands and Seagraves are the latest band to emerge from the area, made up of members of other local bands including End to Empires. The quartet are soon to have their debut release put out by Witch Hunter Records, and it’s a fine initial statement of rock n’ roll riffs and brutal d-beat/hardcore. Taking cues from the likes of Cursed and Tragedy, they get through their debut EP with little hesitation, gathering steam as it progresses. There’s plenty of swagger coming from those guitars but things get more venomous as the EP reaches its end, and ‘Wrong’ in particular is a pit stormer, with its refrain of ‘you were wrong/you were always wrong’ bound to rile people into a swirling fury. Decent stuff, great potential here and not to be turned down at all.

Peter Clegg

Weight of the World‘ is released on Sunday 24th February. Pre-orders are available here
Stream it below:


Seagraves – Wrong (official video) 


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