‘Kin Hell Fest 2013- the final four bands revealed!


Its been a while since we brought you an update on the latest ongoings with ‘Kin Hell Fest, the Leeds extreme music fest that exploded in 2011 and is back bigger than ever for 2013. Regular visitors here will no doubt be aware thanks to the permanent flyer in the top corner of the page, which will take you to the official site for tickets. We’re now proudly in association with the festival as ‘one of many awesome people’.

Anyways, its been a long time coming, so enough waffling from me, here’s the final four bands for this monster weekend at the Templeworks:


And yet again, they’ve pulled it out of the bag! That’s right, Bradford’s, and indeed one of the UK’s heaviest sludge/doom crews Lazarus Blackstar will be on stage at this year’s festival, hot off the back of their stellar new album ‘Hymns for the Cursed’. Burnley’s murkiest Kastrated will also be slamming down their vicious death metal brewed with their morbid sense of humour too. Also bringing much hilarity and carnage in their wake is London’s goregrind lads Gout, and finally coming down from West Lothian, Scotland are Sufferinfuck, who’ve been tearing up the ridiculously good Scottish scene for sometime and are now heading our way to destroy ours too, even if it is just for one day.

Tickets are still on sale for this fest and are selling very well indeed, taking place between 26-28th April at its new venue, The Templeworks, Marshall Street, Holbeck, Leeds, priced at £35 for a full weekend ticket, as well as day ticket options too. Line ups for each day available here, via the official site or the official Facebook page. There’ll be a number of top stalls and stands too to cast your eyes over.

That’s it for your bands now – thirty five absolute pearlers to get yourselves ready for. But there’s still several weeks to pass by until ‘Kin Hell Fest is finally upon us. Do yourselves a favour and hit the official ‘Kin Hell Fest Facebook page for full updates on stage times, stalls, discussion and more, you lucky, lucky people!

Peter Clegg


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