Iron Witch – Hangover Suicide


Iron Witch
Hangover Suicide

Hangover Suicide’ is Iron Witch’s second release inside the year, and while the full-length still awaits, this latest 7” is yet another tantaliser of just how well this band is developing, and again showcases why they’re one of the most talked about bands of the UK sludge scene.

Recent attendees of the band’s live shows will already know these songs, and even those that haven’t will quickly realise that NOLA sound is still highly prevalent with Iron Witch’s makeup, but ‘Hangover Suicide’ again shows another slight progression in their development thanks to two fantastic tracks each weighing a megaton in their booming bourbon-drenched riffs. Recorded and mastered by Bri Doom at the 1 in 12 Studio in Bradford, from the word go this is a corker. ‘Death Was The Colour’ is everything good we’ve come to expect now from the ‘Witch, never letting any of its riffs outstay their welcome, each riff change signalling a slight change in tempo with no let up with Chris Fane’s gnarled vocal delivery. The title track is a pure doom stomper, clocking just over five and a half minutes, one of the most hypnotic tracks they’ve done yet. Its one of those tracks that gives rise to the phrase ‘doom out’. Not the slowest doom tracks ever, but one of those that will have you nodding your head to its quaggy groove.

And for those who aren’t physical these days, there’s also the meat in this meatiest sandwich, with digital-only track ‘The Last of Nothing’, which kicks off with real doom stomp swagger. We only heard this after we published, but let me tell you, its so heavy you’ll sink under the pressure. Damn!

Pre-orders on this release are now available through Endtyme Records at the link supplied below. Available as a 7″ vinyl (limited to 350) with a download code, stickers and an A3 poster, or just if you prefer. Do not miss out on this latest installment in the progression of the latest fine Liverpudlian aggressors.

Peter Clegg

Hangover Suicide‘ is officially released 18th February, 2013. Pre-orders for ‘Hangover Suicide’ go live at Endtyme Records’ store at 9pm tonight – get yours here!
Digitial version also comes with bonus track ‘The Last of Nothing’. Available here.

Stream it below:



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