Rotten Sound – Species at War EP


Rotten Sound
Species at War EP
Season of Mist

Finland’s premier grind crew Rotten Sound have been fairly productive over the last few years, and are back with another short release, this time the six-track ‘Species at War‘ EP. What little it offers in surprises, it makes up for in urgency and the band’s ability to devastate, as they have done now for twenty years. Operating with the same efficiency as their homeland’s ability to operate efficiently in wintry weather, it’s a short trip of around nine minutes, and nothing less than a slaughtering exercise in blasting, hammering and growling away, chucking in the odd groove for good measure too – particularly that one on ‘Salvation’, which is a beast. The best bands don’t tinker too much when they’re onto a good thing, and Rotten Sound show that capability time and time again when asked, as they have for twenty years now. Its a grind business, and business is excellent right here.

Peter Clegg

Buy ‘Species at War‘ here (MCD + other formats)
Download it here (MP3 + various file formats)
Stream it below:

Official site

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