A Story of Rats – Vastness and the Inverse


A Story of Rats
Vastness and the Inverse
Translinguistic Other

A Story of Rats are a ambient/noise/drone trio based out of Seattle, as the press release goes, masterminded by Garek Druss. Their latest release ‘Vastness and the Inverse‘, the band’s twelfth release (and the first to incorporate a live drummer in Andrew Crawshaw), is a crushing display of how heavy music can be without strictly being metal. Only two tracks long measuring nearly forty minutes in total, it brings forth a mesmerizing blend of ambience, trepidation and transcendance.  ‘Her Teeth are Nil’ journeys the listeners through various phases of minimalism, be it dark chamber percussion, post-rock, drone and doom. ‘Huldrefolk’ isn’t quite as intense, though it does come with an impressive explosion of sound around the four-minute mark, leading with synth all the way with significant cathartic repetition.

Vastness and the Inverse‘ is not for the discerning metal fan – this is an album that requires full concentration and elimination of outside interference to fully appreciate. Not all will be able to claw through its swathes of sound at first digestion, nor be able to reach its deepest depths without the need to rise for air. But its a fully rewarding work, something that fans of bands like Earth and Neurosis should be able to reach for without much difficulty. The band will be touring at a select number of European venues in the near future, and no doubt will this be an experience worth embracing to feel the full force of ASOR’s beauty and power.

Peter Clegg

Vastness and the Inverse‘ is scheduled for release on 28th February, 2013. Please check here for pre-order information

Listen to ‘Her Teeth are Nil’ (excerpt) below:


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