Corrupt Moral Altar – Luciferian Deathcult EP


Corrupt Moral Altar
Luciferian Deathcult EP
Baitin’ the Trap

We’ve made no secret of the fact we dig Liverpudlian sludgers Iron Witch, and not content with ripping a new one in venues across the UK, it seems one of them is giving this running a record label business a go. Bassist Rick Owen is the owner of the UK’s latest underground name, Baitin’ the Trap Records, and those with a close eye on developments will not be disappointed with its initial offerings.

The label’s first release is for north-western sludge/grind crew Corrupt Moral Altar, which features members of Malevolent Creation, Magpyes, Horsebastard and Salem Rages. With a line-up like that, you should expect nothing but complete audio anarchy, and from the moment the words ‘I want to get pissed for a reasonable price’, some of the heaviest, filthiest extreme music imaginable comes billowing out in the form of ‘Play Stupid Games and Win Stupid Prizes’. Not a moment passes where you’re not being beaten senseless – this is the sort of music that gives you a good kicking and stands over you, pointing and laughing. Their vocalist Reese can’t be ignored at all, his high-end shrieks surely skewering any listener like a rusty kebab at some questionable takeaway. The band’s low-end sludge grooves and occasional blast-laden plundering mean nothing and nobody is safe from this assault. And harsh as Reese’ vocals are, there’s some wonderful gang-style vocals going on in the backline that diversify their approach. For me it’s a wonderful mix of stuff like Acid Bath, Mistress, Army of Flying Robots, even Iron Monkey, perhaps none more so on the immense ‘Flattening the Cultural Pyramid’, which shifts through shrieked grind, shouted sludge, and a nice atmospheric doom passage which, though brief, sounds absolutely evil. Venues up and down the country might well be in danger of collapse when these guys show up to play. Its completely unrestrained, much like the fabled big bad wolf, except these guys won’t just blow your house down, they’ll downright dismember as well. A fantastic first release for Baitin’ the Trap and it really sets a marker for the year ahead.

Luciferian Deathcult’ is available to pre-order as a limited CDEP from the Baitin’ the Trap store, and can be downloaded as well. It will be released on Monday, 18th February 2013. Please check out the links below.

Peter Clegg

Pre-order ‘Luciferian Deathcult’ EP here (7”)
Stream it here…or stream it below



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