Death Tripper/Meatpacker – Split 7″


Death Tripper/Meatpacker
Death Tripper/Meatpacker 7″
Pie n’ Mosh

The New Year usually means a malaise for top major new releases, and that means a chance to focus more on underground releases. In years gone by January is not synonymous with high end quality, and those that do get high praise often get forgotten about when the big boys come out. With Bandcamp, Spotify and the like, indie acts are getting a better shout, so its to be hoped that the forgetfulness of some won’t afflict the two bands featured here.

Though Death Tripper only get three songs here, perhaps a tad misskewed in their split partner’s favour, but only because they have the longer songs. They don’t half make it worth their time, slamming through three songs like Weekend Nachos’ distant cousins. Meanwhile Meatpacker deserve credit for creating a potential new legion of bastard Lemmings in their song titles, but personal japery aside, they sound just as great, stabbing forth with grindy PV jams that are a he’ll of a lot of fun to dance to in your bedroom or in the pit.

It’s available for £3 from the Pie n’ Mosh Records Bandcamp site, a fair sum for an excellent release, and so early on in the year too.

Peter Clegg

Buy/download ‘Death Tripper/Meatpacker 7″‘ here.
Both bands also additionallyoffer name-your-price MP3 only via their respective Bandcamp pages

Stream it below:

Death Tripper Bandcamp

Meatpacker Bandcamp


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