Review Roundup: Dead Beyond Buried, Mother Brain, Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair

What do you know? No review roundup features for ages and then two come along at once. Hot on the heels of the Witch Hunter Records special we ran a few days ago, we have one made more of a mixture than simply off one label.


We start with Dead Beyond Buried, who recently released their third album ‘The Dark Era’ (self-released) as a free download via their website. And its an absolute corker. 2012 hasn’t quite been a stellar year for death metal but the results on ‘The Dark Era’ are certainly impressive. This is a headsmasher through and through and its unrelenting, not even for one second, giving off an old-school vibe without sounding pastiche, and every bit a modern day death metal band too. Tracks like ‘Cold Black Stars’ and ‘Failures’ totally shred and every moment is on a path to a beating. This is only the third album they’ve released in eleven years as a band – its good to have them back.

Download ‘The Dark Era’ here 

Official site


Mother Brain are a fairly new grind band hailing from New York, as yes, they did catch my eye because they share their name with the supervillain from the Metroid series. ‘Straight to Business’ is their first release coming out of Grindcore Karaoke, a nine-track EP that begins deceptively with a sludgy instrumental intro before flying out of the gate with a typically intense assault on the ears. They change tempo extremely well and don’t fall intro the trap of compressing every song to thirty seconds or less. This gives the songs chance to breathe, some coming in a minute or less, with a few longer ones chucked in for good measure. Certainly a band to watch within grind circles. This, like all Grindcore Karaoke releases, is free of charge, so don’t hesitate! Get ‘Straight to Business‘.

Download ‘Straight to Business’ here
Stream it below: 



Finally, everyone’s favourite inappropriate Scottish grinders Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair have put out a free live album entitled ‘Live & Laughing’ (and yes, that is comedy buffoon Michael McIntyre on the cover), largely drawing from new material for the forthcoming album ‘Tales of Bonnie Scotland’. It’s a fairly decent live recording, taken from a recent show at The 13th Note in Glasgow, and as a barometer for the new album, it sounds pretty promising, with the choicest cuts including ‘A Wild Mountain Lumber’, and ‘The A9 to Houghmagandie’. The Perth duo engage in frequent ‘piss-poor patter’ with the crowd, and finish with three tracks from the album that first brought them to my attention, ‘Contraception‘, getting through their set in a blistering 20 minutes. 1:21 during track 10 contains a nice surprise, too!

Download ‘Live & Laughing’ here
Stream it below:


Peter Clegg


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