‘Kin Hell Fest 2013 updates


Due to time constraints, general business and occasional forgetfulness, we totally forgot to announce the news that ‘Kin Hell Fest have added us as one of their sponsors/backers/helpers/awesome folks (delete as applicable). Cheers guys! You may also have noticed the updated poster in the top corner of the page, and indeed the venue change. Following the news of the closure of top Leeds venue The Well, where the festival was due to take place, the fest has now been moved to a venue called the Templeworks, in the Holbeck area of Leeds. Its no further away from the train station in Leeds City Centre than the old venue was, so attendees need not worry too much about the locality of the venue.

Finally, there’s one more bit of information we should let you know. Organiser Paul Priest put out the following message on Facebook last night:

“So, for Christmas, ‘kin Hell Fest are gonna be very nice to you guys… for one final week, we’re gonna put the early bird tickets back up on sale… 25th December to the 31st December, back to normal price on the first.. use your Christmas money, sell your children, get your tickets 🙂 keep your eyes peeled on here for when it’s back on sale… £27 instead of £35, WELL worth it 🙂 who reckons they’re gonna not be daft and get one?”
Well you heard the man! Don’t miss out on this shot of redemption, a chance to score an early bird ticket for one of the extreme events of the year. Do iiiiiiiiiiiiit!!!
Peter Clegg

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