Joe Pesci – Nostalgia for Infinity/Infinity for Nostalgics



Joe Pesci
Nostalgia for Infinity/Infinity for Nostalgics

After splitting in 2010 due to factors most likely to be lack of cash and the members ‘living 250 miles apart from one another’, it seemed the murky grind underworld and beyond was to be denied anything more from Joe Pesci, the band that took to drilling everybody with some of the fastest grind known to man with songs as short as the actor himself (yeah, I went there). From out of the blue, these collections of songs, recorded in 2010 before the split, have been made available, with vocals dubbed on by original vocalist Stu (‘Infinity for Nostalgics’) and bassist Rich, who thought he’d have a go on the collection entitled ‘Nostalgia for Infinity’.

There’s not really much difference in either package, bar the number of songs – only six on ‘IfN’, compared to ten on ‘NfI’, but dedicated followers will be cock-a-hoop with this and the uninitiated better tie, strap, glue or soldier themselves onto whatever they can find, cos even two years on, this is still some of the fastest grind you can find without a drum machine. The shrieks on either album can occasionally get a bit too intense if you’re not fully into this stuff, as it can be a bit ‘AAAAAGH!AAAAA-AA-AAAAAA-AAAAAAAAGH!’ but still – if its intensity you want, intensity you’ll get. Joe Pesci always knew how to deliver that in spades and still prove it today.

Joe Pesci – Jakarta Slum Tower Block (official video)

Whether it heralds an actual return for Joe Pesci or if this is just, as the title suggests, just a release of previously recorded, unreleased material, remains to be seen, but no doubt Joe Pesci were a great loss to the UK grind scene and no question would they still be able to tear many a new one. The above video for ‘Jakarta Slum Tower Block’ is suitably nuts and freaking enjoyable – perhaps NSFW due to its extreme violence, but still, its sums up everything Joe Pesci are about. Fast, brutal, totally obdurate, if only those miles were as short as their material or indeed the great man himself. Oh I went there!

Peter Clegg

Buy/download ‘Nostalgia for Infinity’ here, and ‘Infinity for Nostalgics’ here (both name-your-price)

Stream ‘Nostalgia for Infinity’:

And ‘Infinity for Nostalgics’:



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