SSS – Merry Christmasss

Sick of the ever increasing consumerism of Christmas? I know I am, especially when you see families putting their fucking lights up in November. The only thing that should be going up in November are fireworks and moustaches. And yes, every bloody high street giant has a job to do, so they advertise the shit out of the whole hoohah with loads of stereotypical adverts that don’t truly reflect the general masses, whether its that dads are lazy sods or that everyone has a great time. I still remember feeling grim as fuck in 2010 cos of my crappy job situation. I think that’s what made me hate the damn thing so much on one level. People go fucking nuts for it and totally forget what its really about. That’s right. Getting drunk and life going on as normal.

I’ll stop ranting. SSS’s ‘Merry Christmasss’ is a perfect example of disdain for St. Nick’s day, as Foxy and the gang spit forth their wrath for the capitalisation of the event (Clever lies, debt & misery). Thrash!

Peter Clegg


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