Visions: Eureka Machines – Pop Star

For those who don’t know who they are, Leeds’ the Eureka Machines are quite possibly the finest pop-rock machine going. Certainly they show latter day Weezer a thing or two. Led by Chris Catalyst, who recently appeared on Ginger Wildheart’s ‘555%’, they have charmed the UK with their catchy songs, their wit, and their D-I-Y ethic, which has seen them rock the shit out of the country over the last few years. They even performed on the recent live episode of long-running soap Emmerdale!

In their new video for ‘Pop Star’, directed by Ash Pears of AshTV, they reflect the struggles of every hard working band trying to make it big as they try to cobble together money while performing to virtually empty venues. It’s a tale any band who’s had to work hard for little or no success can surely relate to.

The Eureka Machines are also gearing up for their third studio album, which you can help fund through their Pledge music campaign. They’ve already smashed their target but its not too late to contribute and get your hands on the goods and some exclusives too. This video is just the tiniest proof you need to go out and pledge your support. Head on over now – there’s still time to get those orders in nd guarantee that this band won’t suffer the ignominy of empty venues as displayed above.

Peter Clegg


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