Trash Talk – 119


Trash Talk
Trash Talk Collective/Odd Future Records

Trash Talk have to date worked with Keith Morris (Black Flag/Circle Jerks fame), Steve Albini, and The Bronx’s Joby J. Ford; for ‘119’, they signed with Odd Future Records, founded by Tyler, The Creator – and indeed, Trash Talk have regularly performed with Tyler and Odd Future (or OFWGKTA, if you prefer) at the hip hop collective’s shows. While it may raise a few eyebrows, it figures – both acts display the rebellious, sneering attitude that each of their backgrounds brings, through Trash Talk’s violent, aggressive hardcore and Odd Future’s brazen punk rock attitude to hip hop which has endeared them and vilified them in equal measure.

‘119’ is the Sacramento outfit’s fourth studio album, and isn’t any more surprising than the rest, bar one contribution entitled ‘Boundless and Born’, which features Tyler and fellow OF member Hodgy Beats joining the band as they play a slow, almost doom-punk riff. Around 50 seconds in, Hodgy unleashes a hard verse full of menace, with Tyler, in comparison, sounding nonchalant and typically brash. By far it’s the album’s most intriguing track, not really a curveball of any sort; but certainly a sit-up and take notice sort of track, not a blitz like much of the album, but a stormy tread…

Trash Talk – F.E.B.N.

119’ still has plenty of other spark, even though it doesn’t quite reach the heights of their last release, the ‘Awake’ EP. I personally suspect Trash Talk are one of those bands suited to shorter releases, but that shouldn’t detract from what is to date Trash TT’s best full-length yet. They still sound uncompromising, from single ‘F.E.B.N.’ through to the desperation of ‘Reasons’, with vocalist Lee Spielman bellowing ‘I’m surrounded by idiots/I’m surrounded by fools/just like me’, and are more than happy to tackle more issues such as homelessness (‘Exile on Broadway’) and the devils of getting bogged in routine (‘Eat The Cycle’). Having harnessed the ability to slow down once in a while, the chorus of ‘F.E.B.N.’ (‘Forward ever, backward never’) is somewhat apt, even though they don’t need to reinvent themselves too much to continue to beat eardrums and indeed, to give a hoot about what anybody thinks about them or their clientele. 

Peter Clegg

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