‘Kin Hell Fest 2013 – Four more bands confirmed


‘Kin Hell Fest. The only gift this festive season that keeps on giving. Ok, to say its festive season in November seems a little hasty but then, I don’t start putting trimmings up in July like posh high street shops too. I digress.

The latest four bands for 2013’s extreme extravaganza are:


Si! Those mental bastards The Afternoon Gentlemen will be back once again to truly fuck up The Well their blistering brand of poggerviolence, taking the main support slot behind Rompeprop on the Saturday. Dirge doomers Sloth Hammer and Ishmael are now officially confirmed, as well as the post-progressiveness of Envoys!

This brings the line up to 31/32 bands, with the final act to be announced soon. Early bird tickets are still available – click here to get your hands on one of the last few while you can, as after this week they’ll be full price.

As standard, get to the official Facebook page for regular updates!

Peter Clegg


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