Silence for Mitch Lucker, please


The death of Suicide Silence vocalist Mitch Lucker in a motorcycle accident has brought a mostly warm and heartfelt response from the metal community, and although the band is certainly divisive purely for the style of music they play, and perhaps in part their image, that hasn’t proven a barrier for the many fans of metal in general wishing to pay their respects. Some people may wish to question why exactly people need to declare the fact they are not a fan of Suicide Silence prior to offering their condolences – and I indeed never really got into them – but as one person adequately put it, ‘it’s about showing respect for a human being’.

Outside of Suicide Silence, Mitch was clearly keen on things like motorbikes, tattoos, and above all, a husband and a father. I don’t know much more about the guy than that, but if comments made recently by his wife are anything to go by – and you’d have to imagine they were believable – he went out that fateful night drunk and was battling alcoholism.That is sure to bring out a response from some that will say he got what he deserved, while others will look upon it merely as a foolish error of judgement, a fatal moment of weakness. Which is why when you still see odious comments being made on certain metal sites, including one guy who wanted more details on the accident, so he could decide whether to ‘laugh at the guy (Mitch) for being an idiot’, or just to be ‘happy there’ll be no more Suicide Silence’. Then there’s the French black metal band Glorior Belli, who joined in the trolling masses by tweeting (about Lucker’s death) ‘GOD BLESS MOTORCYCLES!’ (they since took it down and blamed ‘hackers’, instead of straight apologizing). Then there’s the typical Facebook pricks who jump at the first opportunity to laugh and announce they’re glad he’s dead. It’s that type of person that people have long complained about, called for action against, and against whom people, including myself, and indeed, including musicians and singers like one Randall J Blythe, have gone on the warpath against.

Whatever motivates people like these to make such flippant comments, whether they truly mean it or not, whether its just a game to them, whether they do it just to get a kick – but deary deary me, its like banging your head against a brick wall with these folk, isn’t it? Sure, it might rile people enough to tell them to show some respect or simply to tell them ‘fuck you’, but it seems nothing will refrain them from making some repellent or disgusting comments when the man’s family, his bandmates, labelmates, bosses, roadcrew, and indeed the fans of that band are mourning his loss.

No Room for Rockstars: Mitch Lucker (Suicide Silence)

Maybe one thing that will bring it back home to them is a stark reminder that these scallies too have families, and that they too will suffer from a loss of a family member one day in their lives and it will sting. Mitch Lucker was 28 years old. I’m only 28 years old, and know exactly how it feels to have experienced loss. It hurts extremely bad, especially when you’ve got little ones who don’t fully understand who you’re going to have to explain to in the future where their loved one is or has gone. As you can see from the photo above, Mitch was as much a father and a family man as he was the vocalist of Suicide Silence. In the 2012 Warped Tour documentary ‘No Room for Rockstars’, he stated how he doing what he loved for his family, as much he was the love of his craft, and you can see how much his family supported him, even if they didn’t quite understand his art.

For the minority of people who continue to peddle hate, its worth noting that Suicide Silence were extremely popular within their genre, performing at concerts and festivals around the world and achieving success with each of their three albums. You don’t just achieve success overnight, and not just through sheer luck. Clearly some people were and are still buying Suicide Silence’s records, their merch, and so on. And clearly, there’s a lot of people who recognise that whether or not they are or were a fan of Suicide Silence. What happens to the band from here on in right now is secondary – of course people will wonder, but right now, surely it’s more important to recognise the talents of this one man and indeed come together as one community, in the face of this odious cloud that continues to blight the metal community’s online presence.

On behalf of all (two members) of We Must Obey, we would live to pass on our condolences to Mitch’s family, Suicide Silence and road crew/management.

Peter Clegg

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