Ufomammut – Oro: Opus Alter


Oro: Opus Alter

The indelible and esoteric trio from Italy known as Ufomammut have already dropped one stunner on us this year, the first part of this two-part trip, ‘Oro: Opus Primum‘, and as promised, the second part, ‘Opus Alter‘ now greets our ears.

It’s impossible not to compare ‘Opus Alter‘ with ‘Primum‘, unfair as it seems. It’s more than a companion piece, its a continuation of ‘Oro‘s theme. And that feels evident as this latest part progresses. Opening track ‘Oroborus’ features a groove-shaking riff that only changes nearly four minutes in for another riff, going round and around like the self-consuming serpent of lore, with some effects designed to unsettle just slightly. Repetition seems to be a theme running through ‘Oro‘; the aptly-titled ‘Sublime’ utilizes a build-up into one cracking riff and then back out again, while ‘Luxon’ is basically a reprise of ‘Infearnatural’ from ‘Primum‘. It seems to feel more immediate than ‘Primum‘ too, with less of the slow brooding and a little more forward purpose. Any questions asked about the truth that statement are firmly answered when ‘Deityrant’ brings down the curtain on ‘Oro‘ with a straightforward verve and a penchant for grooviness.

Overall, I feel as though I can’t resist a comparison with ‘Primum‘, and with that said, ‘Alter‘ is just a shade behind its predecessor in terms of its overall quality – but still a fantastic album in its own right, and in its entirety, ‘Oro‘ is nothing short of quintessential.

Peter Clegg

Ufomammut – Oroborus

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