NOFX – Self-Entitled


Fat Wreck

There’s not a whole lot I can tell you about the latest NOFX album that you don’t already know about the band – it doesn’t tinker with the band’s political, topical and occasionally humourous formula too much, and the typically fast nature of their songs holds true for the most part.

While its not breaking new ground, at least Fat Mike and the guys haven’t lost their knack for being on point, with potshots at the usual suspects, e.g. terrorists (’72 Hookers’), religion (Xmas Has Been X’d), politicians (Ronnie & Mags). It is for the most part a fun, sometimes upbeat ride, save for ‘I Got One Jealous Again, Again’ a follow-up to its prequel ‘I Got One Jealous Again’, with Fat Mike reeling off several illustrious punk albums while again addressing his divorce from his wife. They certainly aren’t smiling as much now but musically at least, its still spiky and punchy enough. For those reasons alone, ‘Self-Entitled‘ is a worthy continuation of the NOFX story.

Peter Clegg

NOFX – Ronnie & Mags

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