Iced Out – An Inevitable End


Iced Out
An Inevitable End
Church of Fuck

Following quickly onwards from their ‘Demo 2012’ release (re-released as ‘#1’) which first displayed their pissed-off sludgy hardcore (as opposed to ‘sludgecore), ‘An Inevitable End’ Durham’s Iced Out ploughing through five new depressive-fuelled anthems that serve as a definitive step-up from that demo. Vocalist Dom Moss, who also bellows for Esoteric Youth, is the centerpoint for this improvement – his voice on the demo sounded tired – not in a bad way, more in a way that suggested there was extreme apathy and hate directed towards the subject matter of the demo. Here, he sounds more energised, more spiteful, and when his voice explodes, it explodes.

Although hardcore can serve as a defiant cry to the world, Iced Out are another angry voice against the world – but the downtuned guitars serve as the perfect foil to Moss’ rage, as evidenced on the opening track ‘Gold Dust’ and indeed the closing, blast-infused ‘Cheat Card’. Not a foot is placed wrong in those riffs and the drummer serves every change in tempo well. It has echoes of fellow purveyors of doomy hardcore Xibalba, with an Entombed-style tone without going down the d-beat route like everyone else seems to be doing.

Iced Out – Gold Dust

And while it states the bloomin’ obvious that this should be turned up real loud so that everyone can hear, it’s true. Those riffs and drum beats simply won’t cut it if it’s not booming full blast. I’m not suggesting neighbourly unfriendliness or anything outside public decency, but if you want to get the most out of ‘An Inevitable End’ you really do need to fire it up. I listened to this twice in a row on my commute to work. On the bus, I think I may have still been waking up, but the socially-deemed acceptable level of volume didn’t seem to wash. Walking through a dreary, empty town centre surrounded by boarded-up shops and dull grey skies at 7:20am on an October morning with increased volume gives this record the power it truly needs.

It’s available through their Bandcamp as a free download but is also going to be made available physically through Church of Fuck Records. If you’re the type whose heart isn’t so much on your sleeve but lying motionless in the gutter, what are you waiting for? Hope-bereft hardcore rarely sounds this satisfying.

Peter Clegg

Buy/download ‘An Inevitable End’ here (free download)

Stream it below:



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