Visions: Trash Talk – F.E.B.N.

Those Trash Talk guys don’t do rubbish videos do they? Their ‘Awake‘ EP alone produced three videos, two rebellious ones (for ‘Awake’ and ‘Burn Alive’), and one completely bonkers animation for ‘Slander’. Well, the raging TT beast wouldn’t be satisfied resting on its laurels. Recently they’ve found an alliance with rap collective Odd Future (OFWGKTA), a relationship between two sets of wild spirits that seems set to continue growing.

Trash Talk have a new album, ‘119‘ coming out soon through Odd Future Records, and the first single ‘F.E.B.N.’ was premiered recently with this video, shot by Odd Future’s Tyler, The Creator. It’s typically crazy like a Trash Talk vid should be, circling around and around with the OF crew getting raucous as well. Forward Ever Backward Never. Go!

119‘ is released via Trash Talk Collective/Odd Future Records on October 9th.

Peter Clegg


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