Esoteric Youth – Demo


Esoteric Youth
Church of Fuck

This debut release from Manchester’s Esoteric Youth is five tracks of blackened crusty hardcore that does sound very much from the beaten track by today’s standards, but sticks out enough to mark some potential. The production, perhaps going for a balance between slick and lo-fi, doesn’t always pay off, often muddying the occasional blastbeats and not always complimenting the vocals the way they should. Underneath all that is a promising demo that gets stronger as it progresses, striking a balance between blitzes of frenetic speed and nihilistic aggression, climaxing with ‘Hive Collapse’, a pure rager for the first 90 seconds, before fading to the sounds of a thunderstorm. I’m looking forward to what these guys have to offer next, providing they can find the right balance between the production and their sound.

Peter Clegg

Buy/download ‘Demo‘ here (name-your-price/ltd. cassette tape)
Stream it below:

Official blog


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