Converge/Napalm Death – Split


Converge/Napalm Death

Without question, this split release between giants of d-beat Converge and giants of grind Napalm Death is one of the most anticipated releases of the year, the world waiting with baited breath while the respective overlords committed their work to a shared vinyl. The hype and the belief is justified. Though frightfully short, each band’s contribution consists of two songs each, amounting to just under eight minutes of blistering sonic violence.

Converge open ‘No Light Escapes’, a fifty-two second track expected to be on forthcoming album ‘All We Love We Leave Behind’, and its Converge at their most visceral and pissed off, before throwing in a guest-laden cover of Entombed’s ‘Wolverine Blues’. The Swedes have influenced many a band that has passed by Kurt Ballou’s production desk of late, not to knock a solid if ultimately unsurprising take on the song.

The ‘Death follow up their expected impressive showing on ‘Utilitarian‘ with the same fervour that continues to drive them 30 years into their career. ‘Will by Mouth’ is just as vital as anything they’ve done in their recent history, possessing a nice old-school punk swerve, a feel that continues on ‘No Impediment to Triumph (Bhopal)’, a diatribe on the Bhopal gas disaster in 1984.

It’s not often that two highly influential bands get together to pay fanservice to their followers, but on this occasion its a collaboration to celebrate and to generally explode to.

Peter Clegg

Buy ‘Converge/Napalm Death‘ here [download]
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Check out the preview below:

Converge official site

Napalm Death official site

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