Unsane – Wreck


Alternative Tentacles

Unsane have been around for 24 years now. Nearly a quarter of a century. A testament to a band that has rigourously stuck to its guns, ploughing the same path, all pent with anger and venom, while various contemporaries have appeared and then either fallen by the wayside or maudled along with varying degrees of success.

Wreck’ is the thirteenth album of the New York noise-rock trio’s career and doesn’t offer any surprises, just plenty of high quality riffage and some incredible moments. ‘Decay’ is the perfect antidote to all those lovelorn and emotional heartache paens through its lyrics detailing the in-the-gutter misery of damaged relationships. ‘Look at the shit we’re in/please just forget everything’. I can forget all that sappy pop-rock nonsense when Unsane are in this miserable form. And they don’t relent there – they continue to bludgeon with riff after sledgehammer riff with the consistency of Team GB’s all-conquering triathletes the Brownlee brothers. The only slightly mellow moment comes for the main riff to ‘Stuck’, which broods before naturally volumising when it hits the chorus. My only minor quibble is with a cover of Flipper’s ‘Ha Ha Ha’, which Unsane do a good job of making it sounds as psychotic as it’s title suggests, but it doesn’t feel in sync with the rest of the album.
Nonetheless, ‘Wreck’ ensures a happy approach to Unsane’s 25th year as a band, and right now they seem to be as strong as they’ve ever been. They don’t muck about with the formula, they just harness it time and time again into a visceral attack. Life isn’t all cupcakes and roses. Unsane give us the grit and apply the burn over and over.

Peter Clegg

Unsane – Decay

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