Some random thoughts on Hacktivist’s ‘Unlike Us’

0:09 – I don’t like d***t, but so far so good. That’s not a bad riff. Why would you want your face blurring out?

0:35 – Oh crap. What is that? Meshuggah meets Hollywood Undead? Who knows

1:10 – So the hook is ‘Set the beginning of change‘. Graffiti should make that evidently clear. Yeeeeaah boyeeeezzz!

1:30 – ‘People start fights because of us‘. Real imaginative.

2:12 – This is just getting silly. What would Brian Posehn think?

2:30 – Is this part still going?

2:49 – Here we go – weak polyrhythm breakdown!

Fair enough, my analysis of Hacktivist’s video for ‘Unlike Us’ might be a lame attempt at derisional comedy to some (I’d be the first to admit that), and perhaps a tad bit harsh. But there’s original and then there’s ridiculous. And if by ‘set the beginning of change‘ they mean inspire a generation of kids to fuse dubstep, rap and metal together like its 1999 again, and claim its unique, I do wonder for metal’s future. I’m no troll and if people like this stuff (judging by the numerous positive comments on YouTube, there’s a fair (too) few who do), more power them. Yet, I continue to despair.

Every few months it seems some horrid cross-genre of music emerges. Yes, rock and metal’s golden era was long left behind in the mid-90’s.  We should already admit that. I now truly fear it will never re-emerge if tripe like this is pushed to the fore.

Maybe there’s still hope the Large Hadron Collider might actually create a black hole and cause the Earth to collapse in on itself. A fate more desirable than years of this.

Peter Clegg


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