The Fierce and the Dead – On VHS


The Fierce and The Dead

The Fierce and the Dead are a London quartet supplying instrumental post-rock. They made a small dent last year with their debut album ‘If It Carries on like This We’re Moving to Morecombe’, but have returned with the free-to-download ‘On VHS’, a four-track EP showcasing exactly the kind of work that has got people turning their heads towards the band.

This EP is something of a mixed bag, the unsettling and slightly repetitive ‘666…and 6’ opening proceedings before its’ second track, ‘Hawaii’, comes along; a marauding shredder compared to the usual plaintiff stylings familiar with most bands of their ilk, and it wouldn’t have sounded amiss as a soundtrack to the video games of yesteryear. It steps up a gear in the second half, the title track possessing a sweet bass riff that drives the song as though it’s a late-night jam on the beach, occasionally being interrupted by a trepidant melody backed up with possibly a swarm of bees as it glides in, eventually returning to its siesta by the shore. ‘On VHS’ last track ‘Part 3’ is an indelible post-rock crystal stamp, leading at first with a laidback brooding riff which eventually bulks up into a noddable groover.

The Fierce and the Dead aren’t the first post-rock band to emerge in all of history and while there are some interesting flashes of brilliance on display here, it’ll be a while before they truly stand out from the pack. But already they’re on the way, and there’s no reason not to suggest they can’t join the pantheon of instrumental rock. ‘On VHS’ is an enterprising work, one that becomes more enjoyable with each listen from its unsettling beginning to its smooth sojourn at the end, and the only way for these guys can surely be skywards?

Peter Clegg

Buy/download ‘On VHS’ here (CD/name-your-price download)
Stream it below:

Official site

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