Visions: Napalm Death – The Wolf I Feed

In case you haven’t heard, Napalm Death’s latest album ‘Utilitarian’ kicks ass. All kinds of it. Not even that tatty chromakey video for ‘Analysis Paralysis’ could dampen my enthusiasm for it. Now, Birmingham’s finest grinders have put out a vid for what is, in my opinion, one of the best tracks on the album; ‘The Wolf I Feed’.

Giving guitarist Mitch Harris to showcase his vocals talents, he steps up over a pounding beat from Danny Herrera, providing a nice but no less and equally harsh vocal delivery to that of Barney Greenway’s gruff roar, which is present in the chorus of ‘The wolf! The wolf I feed!’ Cue an awesome darkly clean vocal section too and all the ingredients are there for classic post-millennia ND.

The video might cause a slight stir in Germany, if only for the presence of Adolf Hitler’s image in the video amidst other military sights interspersed in the footage. And will Napalm Death care? Probably not. Their political rhetoric is seemingly boundless and unshackled, even after all these years.

Peter Clegg


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