Weekend Nachos/Lack of Interest – Split

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Weekend Nachos/Lack of Interest
Deep Six

With Weekend Nachos now hitting the UK to slam countless bodies into submission, it’s only fair we get on with reviewing their latest item, a split with returning powerviolence heroes Lack of Interest, who on here are providing their first new material since the 90’s. 

There are no surprises here, just pure mosh. Each band gets five songs, lasting very little over five minutes each. By now you should know exactly what to expect from Weekend Nachos – in this case, five more tracks of raging powerviolence with the occasional sludge dirge. They continue pretty much where they left off with ‘Worthless’, that being bang on form and as pissed off as ever. On the flipside, Lack of Interest have been around long enough to potentially influence WN, but still sound vital as ever in their first new material since the 90s, with pinpoint, no-frills, barked fastcore 

No need to cover this record in sugar any further, just that it’s very much worth your time, and that isn’t asking for much at all. 

Peter Clegg

Weekend Nachos – Critical Mass Death Penalty

Buy Weekend Nachos/Lack of Interest split here

***Weekend Nachos do have a link to download their side of the split here, but I’m not seeing one for Lack of Interest

Weekend Nachos official blog

Lack of Interest MySpace


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