Brendon Small – Brendon Small’s Galaktikon


Brendon Small
Brendon Small’s Galaktikon

I did. I really did. I really did want the album to be excellent. After all, Brendon Small hasn’t just created perhaps the best parody of metal bands and fans of our time in Metalocalypse, creating ‘the world’s 11th biggest economy’ and a shredding, now semi-fictional death metal band in Dethklok, but he’s turned out to provide that band with some cracking songs, which he’s brought to life on stage and turned into successful real-life album sales. Hence, Dethklok fans and metal fans inside and outside of the franchise certainly had their heads turned by Small announcing a solo album under the name ‘Brendon Small’s Galaktikon’, a space-metal opera in which to hero of the story, Triton (the subject of the opening track), going through a messy and very public intergalactic divorce with his wife, eventually realising he needs to save her from the clutches of Beastblade.

Brendon Small – On My Way

This all sounds well and good, but the trouble is, ‘Galaktikon’, for me at least, really ends up sounding like Dethklok-lite, largely a collection of riffs perhaps not brutal enough for Metalocalypse and instead used on this album. There’s no doubting Small’s talents as a shredder, but there’s nothing that particularly sticks out on this album, bar the technicality that arises during the closing ‘On My Way’. The story doesn’t really hold up either – the closest compare I can find musically in this sense is Devin Townsend’s ‘Ziltoid the Omniscient’, except Townsend’s sheer insanity really does convey his story much better. ‘Galaktikon’s story is conveyed through each song’s lyrics but just feels lost amongst the swathes of riffs – there’s nothing to set it apart from the music. 

All in all, ‘Galaktikon’ can be considered a relative disappointment. Guitar aficionados are sure to appreciate Small’s ability but otherwise this is a slightly lacklustre effort, considering the promise shown by Small through his primary work.

Peter Clegg

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