Limb – Demo



Limb are a newly formed stoner/sludge metal band hailing from London. Their debut demo was unleashed unto the world very recently, along with a video for the song ‘Daemoness’.

While I’m no expert on the matter, one thing to gather about the production of this record is that its sounds closer to how demos traditionally used to sound – that is, with that slightly scuzzy, lo-fi quality that fizzes across the records. The production is still above that but has that fizz running across it when at volume. This could be attributed to the noise coming out of the guitar or bass amps, but whatever it is, its a nice contrast to the relatively slick demos you get nowadays, and it aids this sort of music very well.

Nonetheless, slick production or scuzzy, it means nothing if you can’t deliver. Thankfully, Limb  show here they have more than just potential across the three tracks on offer, with a real Weedeater swerve mixed with the grooved aspects of Acid King, Goatsnake, etc. There’s plenty of steady riffs and crushing beats brewing from this quartet that certainly earmarks them as ones to watch.

Peter Clegg

Download ‘Demo‘ here
Stream it below:


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