Burning Love – Rotten Thing to Say



Burning Love
Rotten Thing to Say
Southern Lord

Yes, yes, and yes again. If I didn’t have to explain to you all why the new Burning Love LP ‘Rotten Thing to Say’ kicks so much rear, I would simply sum it up in those five words. Alas, I’ve got to a job to do in terms of telling why you should all go and buy this album the second it’s released. Their debut ‘Songs for Burning Lovers’ was one of the finest releases of its kind back in 2010, and ‘Rotten Thing to Say’ might just be a step ahead of even that record.

The second post-Cursed record headed by Chris Colohan, ‘Rotten Thing to Say’ is twelve tracks (and a bookending ‘Intro’ and ‘Outro’) of pedal to the floor, dangerous hardcore punk rock with swagger and a penchant of things of dark, dangerous means. Colohan indeed sounds as possessed as ever whilst roaring ‘three days is a long time/for a Catholic girl to die’ on ‘Karla’ (about notorious Toronto serial killer Karla Homolka) and other tracks such as ‘Superstitious Friend’ and ‘Hateful Comforts’ channel the punk spirit a la Poison Idea. It reminds me in some way of G.U. Medicine’s final record ‘Lords of Oblivion’, albeit not so much on a drunken drive to hell as a pit slam into its fiery depths.

The seemingly ever-present Kurt Ballou produced this record, adding to a recent string of punk, hardcore and d-beat classics to his producer extraordinaire role. Everything instrument gets it’s due, pumping loud and proud, exactly how this record should be heard. Sure, it’s not the most original, it’s nothing that hasn’t been done with hardcore punk circles before, but Burning Love have certain proved here that they’re not just a flash in the pan. Not that it was in any doubt with such pedigree.

Peter Clegg

Burning Love – Karla

Buy ‘Rotten Thing to Say’ here 

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