Lion Splicer – Valkyrie EP


Lion Splicer

Before I get started, I must apologise publicly to Dan and Max Splice, aka Lion Splicer, for not reviewing their album ‘Slicer’ last year – I know I don’t guarantee reviews but I did listen to it eventually, just that I never got round to reviewing it and giving it a slice of attention. For the record, I enjoyed it for the most part. So, to the now. The brotherly duo are back with a short EP consisting of three tracks, one new, one cover, and one reboot, in precisely that order, all containing the band’s fervent hybrid of speed metal, blues rock and punk.

Opened with the semi-titular ‘Beatrix of Valkyrie’, the band rip through a catchy stomper, thanks to its chorus which I’m pretty sure will get into your head as much as it has mine. Shoved right in the middle is an entertaining cover of the Tiny Bradshaw classic ‘Train Kept A-Rollin’, so often covered by numerous big name artists before. It stays pretty much true to the original, bar a speedier section that sees Splicer rip a new one in it. Although it does come across like Billy Gibbons might be singing it, the vocals here are excellently provided by Saman Rouhani. Nothing will ever touch the original version, but Lion Splicer certainly give it a damn good go, roping in Nathan Long to handle those all-important solos. Long also appears on the new version of ‘Sector 7 (Return to Reactor)’, providing yet more beef in the Splicer sandwich, displaying a nice progressive angle to the band’s sound.

Lion Splicer are appropriately named for an act that a) possesses the power and the roar of a lion, and b) splices any notion of linearity through its various influences. The cover of ‘Train Kept A-Rollin’, with that thrashy mid-section, is proof of that. I’d have certainly liked to have seen a little more from them in terms of new material – just the one new song to build on here since ‘Slicer’ – and the production hasn’t improved much since ‘Slicer’, which, although not audible and certainly befitting of a raw approach, could do with being addressed if possible by the next release. Still, there’s plenty of potential to be found with this duo, even with the tiny morsel served up here. It’s totally free to download and it’s streaming below – ‘Valkyrie‘ is every bit worth the wild ride.

Peter Clegg

Download ‘Valkyrie’ here
Stream it below:




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