Human Cull – Split Second Extinction


Human Cull
Split Second Extinction
Goat Prayer 

Released earlier this year by Goat Prayer records, this is the first album proper since the hilariously named Gran Toucher changed their name to Human Cull. They’ve been grinding up audiences for years under their old moniker and their new one, sharing the stage with various up-and-coming luminaries including tech-deathers Oblivionized, noise warlords of Foetal Juice, and bigger names such as Wormrot and scene legends Napalm Death.

While there are no particular surprises to be found on ‘Split Second Extinction’, it does what is expected of it, i.e. short sharp songs, precise blasts and general fist-in-the-face depressive savagery, reminiscent of the likes of Mumakil. Unquestionably brief with ten songs in around eleven minutes, there isn’t really a moment where Human Cull misses the mark; sure it isn’t standout but its effective, and for any up-and-coming grind band in a world full of them, that’s a good quality to have. You can stream the free track released by the band below, and then go ahead and get yourself a copy from the band. The production is nice and raw, aiding Human Cull’s all-round sound, which is downright low cost and nasty – which is, I’m sure, how they wanted it.

Peter Clegg

Buy ‘Split Second Extinction’ here (CD)

Stream the track ‘Death Rituals’ below



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