We Must Obey v2.0

Hello again one and all to the brand new home of We Must Obey. Due to some issue with Blogger that ultimately erased our patience, we decided to up sticks and transfer the site over to WordPress, which, we’ll be honest, we’ve had our eye on for a while.

You can be assured that coverage here will be no different to that which was available on the original site. We’ll still be providing reviews, videos, streams, features, rants and more, surrounding the usual topics of rock, punk, hardcore, sludge, doom, grind, heavy fucking metal, beer, and whatever else takes our fancy.

We have transferred all content from the original site across, although some of the links may not work. We will keep the original site open, which you can find here, should you wish to locate any streams or fully functional content, until we finally update all linkage here. Which could take a looooong time.

Without further ado, we here at We Must Obey welcome you once again. Stay heavy!

Peter Clegg & Michael Collins

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