We Must Obey is one year old!

Holy crap. Little did I know when I started this little blog on May 23rd, 2011, that it would be where it is today. Little did I realise I would have a nice little thing going on, with people from around the world viewing this little site and actually giving a crap about what I, and occasionally Michael, have to say, on subjects as diverse as rock, metal, live music, videos, popular topical culture, idiotic journalists, cake, beer, local issues, etc.
It goes without saying I’d like to thank each and every one of you who has supported the site is anyway since its inception. The labels, the PR firms, the bands, the gig venues. And you, the readers, the fans. And anyone I forgot.
We’re still a small operation and I, in particular, am hampered by woefully falling behind most modern technology and instead am really running this show on a shoestring. Limited access to internet, a laptop that barely works, and a reliance on listening to albums on the commute. If I were forced to continue down that path, I’d still be as happy as the day I started – listening to heavy music is my force majeure, and discovering new bands is my musical caffeine, and forever will be.
At this stage I ought to give a special shout out to Lauren Barley at Rarely Unable, who has done a fantastic job filling me in and keeping me informed on a lot of wonderful heavy music and some weird and wonderful stuff too that has truly broadened my mind. Not least of all for getting me in touch with a world I was previously not used to. A special shout out also goes for Chris at Witch Hunter too, Paul Priest, and any bands and indeed anyone who has e-mailed my inbox in the knowledge of having little or no chance of a reply. And certainly not least, cheers Mike for chipping in with your wonderfully-worded reviews and live pieces. That Five Finger Death Punch rant always makes me chortle.
My lack of resources and indeed the roving eye of copyright means none of you won’t be getting a mixtape out of me, or a sneaky free download or anything like that. However, I decided to give the site a lick of paint, which I sincerely hope you appreciate, and in addition, I’m going to provide you with a video I’m pretty sure is harder to come by than an issue of Kerrang that doesn’t feature the Black Veil Brides these days. This is the Combat Tour 1985, dubbed The Ultimate Revenge, featuring Exodus, Slayer and Venom in their prime. I was only a nipper when this tour took place. The only reason I wish I was about 20 years older. Three kick ass bands, all metal, all raging. Enjoy.
I’m going to mutedly celebrate privately at home tonight with my family and anyone else who happens to be there. With beer. And maybe cake. I deserve it, cos I work my backside off for this blog, and I will as long as it’s humanly possible.
Peter Clegg


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