Trippy Wicked & The Cosmic Children of the Knight – Going Home

Trippy Wicked & The Cosmic Children of the Knight
Going Home
Despite my burgeoning interest in what the UK underground has to offer, which was sparked by the creation of We Must Obey, it has taken me until now to check out the fantastically monikered Trippy Wicked & The Cosmic Children of the Knight. Only earlier this year they released an acoustic performance of Eyehategod’s ‘Dixie Whiskey’, played on a ukulele and with a melody the song had never seen before. It was genius. Therefore when notified of the release of their new album ‘Going Home‘, I was on it in a flash.

Initially, all is well – the title track starts proceedings and is a nine-minute sludgy rock journey. Epic is an entirely appropriate word to use here because it’s a divine track, really feeling like a voyage by the end, and Pete ‘Trippy’ Holland (who already contributed some cracking backing vocals to Stubb’s debut album earlier this year) really carries you home. Literally, he’s one of the best rock vocalists going at this minute. This theme doesn’t really run through the remainder of the record, as they get down to some nitty gritty blues rock riffs most of the rest of the way. The trouble is, after the initial promise of the first few tracks, they get mired it constant singing about alcohol and wanting another drink. Musically, its not bad at all, actually really enjoyable with some good rock action going on. The lyrics just let it down as it makes it sound very clichéd. By the time ‘Change My Way’ comes around as an act of redemption it’s a little too late, and the show’s over by then.
I can’t help but think if the tracklisting was played in reverse it might sound better. I just think that the euphoria I got from the title track would have been an ideal note to finish on. Nevertheless, for my all niggling, ‘Going Home‘ is still a solid album and fans of folky, whiskey-soaked rock are bound to go for this, as much as I’m keen to explore Trippy Wicked further. I’m a whiskey lover too, but I’d personally like to think Trippy Wicked can broaden their horizons come album number three.
Peter Clegg
Stream it below:

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