Steak Number Eight – Dickhead

This is one of the most fun videos I’ve come across in a while. Not quite the most bonkers, but still. This delightfully titled track from sludgy Belgian rockers Steak Number Eight has come to my attention as these guys have received some kind press attention in the UK through one or two metal publications – although when you’re doing videos like this in this day and age you’re bound to get noticed.

It features a bunch of animal mascots pursuing a heinous banana who seems intent on pranking his chasers as a means of escape. That includes slinging turds at them. The mucky pup. In any event, it’s a chuckle and certainly one that keeps your attention. The lyrics are slightly brainless but there’s an undeniable quality to the song thanks to its riffage which I feel improves as the song progresses towards its final moments.
I must say as well, it’s really hard to believe that this band has an average age of just 18! Lyrics to this song aside, they sound really mature for their age, a notion I haven’t had since I first clapped ears on Decapitated in 2002. You’re sure to be hearing more about these guys in future.
More info on the band can be found at their official site.
Peter Clegg

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